Birthday Surprises!

This week has been one hell of a week for birthdays. On Monday it was one of my oldest friend, Sophie’s, 22nd Birthday, on Wednesday it was my Sister, Isabel’s, 16th birthday as well as my cousins 19th birthday. Friday was my brother, Tom’s, 14th birthday and today is my Grandad’s. It’s extremely busy, but it means that it’s slightly easier to remember.

Early morning sunrise on the drive up to London Luton Airport

This year, I decided that as 16 and 14 are quite important birthday’s, I would fly over and surprise my siblings for their birthdays. So, I booked flights and flew over on the 14th of March (ridiculously early might I add… thanks Ryan!) and arrived in Budapest at 11:40am. My mum and I decorated our dining room for my sister with balloons, streamers and disco ball lights. Mainly as a ruse so that my Mum could throw them off the scent a bit – apparently my sister had an inkling that I was coming, so we decided to make a decoy surprise. When my brother and sister got home,  I was hiding behind the sofa with my phone secretly recording them as they walked through the door. It was the best thing ever, seeing their reactions and being able to celebrate their special days with them. 

View from the plane

On the 15th, my sister had a bunch of her friends come over and I helped to decorate the dining room for them, and it turned out amazingly might I add. While they were having a great time, I went out for dinner with the rest of the fam to this AMAZING restaurant in Budapest called Big Fish. If you’ve been with me from the start you’ll remember that I wrote a blog post all about it so check it out here!



For my brother’s 14th birthday, he didn’t really want to do too much so we went and got him a new fancy bike. Went out for dinner at TGIFridays and then went to see Black Panther in the cinema.


IMG_8071 2.jpg
My hangover burger from TGI-Friday

It’s been the best couple of days and it’s been so nice to be able to spend time with my family. It was also really nice to be able to celebrate their birthday’s with my brother and sister.


2 thoughts on “Birthday Surprises!

  1. Absolutely fanstastic as usual can’t wait till the next post


  2. Looks like a hell of a hangover burger!! Good drills and getting back to see the family on such an important week.


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