Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, you will have noticed that the UK has been struggling with a significant amount of snow. It’s quite funny because although it was actually quite a bit of snow, it was nothing in comparison to what they get in Germany or in Hungary. I think I had at least 5 snow days at school and the snow that we had was about 10x a much as we got here! Saying that, I totally get the uproar, it is quite strange to see a whole bunch of snow in the middle of London. I was loving it! At work, my desk is right by a window, and more often than not I found myself looking out the window at the snow, than actually doing work! (Okay, that doesn’t make me sound too great… but anyway). So for the past couple days I was sent home early, because of the trains and not being able to deal with the snow, and then on Friday I worked from home, as public transport was just impossible. It was such a strange experience, working from home, but I essentially spent my day in my kitchen looking out the window at the beauty of the snow and knowing that if I didn’t want to go out in it, I didn’t have too haha.

It was slightly chaotic, but I absolutely loved it. Snow is probably one of my favourite things, skiing in the snow, walking in the snow, hearing that crunch of the fresh snow under your feet. It’s just magical! Someone at the office referred to the flurry of snowflakes as being ‘very Disney’. This is so true, and it astounds me that I’d never thought to describe the snow that way. So anyway, having pretty much spent the day indoors on Friday (except to go to the shop to buy more coffee), I decided that I would love to go do this walk near my house and enjoy the snow!

View from my kitchen window!

So yesterday, I woke, fully expecting to be in a winter wonderland, but instead I woke up to the majority of snow having already melted. Despite that, I forced my housemates out of the house and we took a walk to Virginia Water Lake – probably one of my favourite places near me as it is just so beautiful! Luckily, the snow was still very much ‘alive’ and the place did genuinely feel wintery. The lake had frozen over, which was insane, never thought that a body of water so big would have frozen so much.

The picture above, show the frozen lake and the cascade. Both of which were incredible sights to be seen. Overall, the entire walk took about 2 hours and we walked a staggering 10k! Well, 8.8k then stopped at a pub and then went home, but all in all it was 10k. Was such a great walk and was so nice to get out and about! Gutted all the snow is gone, but now I’m sooo excited for Spring to come and for the weather to get warmer and everything to be more colourful and green!

How did you spend your day in the snow? Tag me on Instagram in some of your snowy pictures as would LOVE to see them!

P.S. It is so nice to be back! Absolutely loved just sitting on the sofa on a Sunday morning and writing a blog post. I didn’t realise how much I’d missed it until now! More posts will be coming to you thick and fast! Hoping to get one out every Sunday at least, with some more maybe during the week.

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    1. Thanks! I’m glad you liked it 🙂 xx


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