Christmas Films!

In the spirit of Christmas, I thought it best to go over some of my favourite Christmas Films with you all. I love a good cheesy Christmas film, and as I am sat here writing this, I am watching Miracle on 34th Street. My 4th Christmas film of the day!!!!! I’m on my own at home at the moment, didn’t know if you could tell!


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  1. Love Actually (2004) – This is one of my favourite Christmas Films of all time. I watch it every year before Christmas and it just never gets old. I watched it on Saturday night with some friends of mine and it was just great fun, reliving the magic of it all.

Image result for miracle on 34th street2. Miracle on 34th Street (1994) – This is a remake of the film made in 1947 I believe, and it is just so Christmassy I love it. It stars the little girl, Mara Wilson, from Mathilda who just wants to have a father and a brother for Christmas. She becomes friends with Father Christmas, obviously no one knows its actually him, who later gets arrested for hitting a man over the head with a cane… I mean its better than it sounds and  just highlights what Christmas is all about and how everyone should believe! There’s a great little montage of people around New York proclaiming that they believe in Santa.

3. The Grinch (2000) – Now this is a bit of a controversial one as a number of people don’t like it, but let me tell you – I LOVE IT. I have to watch The Grinch every year as it just makes me feel so happy and christmassy.

4. Deck the Halls (2006) – This is a very light-hearted Christmas film all about two families who are feuding about one families Christmas lights. Danny deVito goes a bit crazy trying to make sure his lights are so bright they are visible from space. Matthew Broderick then retaliates by trying to sabotage it all. I watched it earlier and it’s very funny. Definitely recommend!

5. The Polar Express (2004) – What a film. It is so very christmassy and family friendly. It really is a great Christmas film. You also can’t deny that any film with Tom Hanks is a great film.

6. Home Alone (1990) – This classic couldn’t not be on the list. It’s a great film, especially at Christmas. I haven’t seen this in ages, and although it’s not my favourite film, it is up there as being a fantastic family festive treat.

7. Elf (2003) – I have only one way of describing this film and that is through a gif. (He is me around Christmas time)


8. The Holiday (2006) – You’ve got to love The Holiday. It could have everything you could ever want in a Christmas film. Snow, Romance, Christmas and Jude Law. It’s funny, romantic and very entertaining. (PS. If anyone can tell me where I can watch please hmu as I have been desperate to watch for weeks!)

I’m sure there are loads more Christmas films, but these are my top films that I go to every year to get my festive film fix. I’ve definitely missed a few off this list… Die Hard (yes its a christmas film), Harry Potter (Even though not specifically a Christmas film, they are quite festive), The Santa Clause, Grounded, Nativity and A Christmas Carol to name a few. I love the holiday season and these films make it ten times better! What are your favourite Christmas films???

2 thoughts on “Christmas Films!

  1. I watched The Holiday on Hulu just the other day (which I loved!), you might be able to see it on there.


  2. I love your list. I love Home Alone and Elf plus one you have not listed that I really love is Santa Claus: The Movie with Dudley Moore such a emotional film with sadness and happiness.


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