Fave Fashion Finds

Now I know I’m super behind on the whole Black Friday thing (it was almost a month ago???), but I thought I’d show you all what I ended up getting as I LOVE everything!

So basically, I love Black Friday. It is a great time to get those pieces of clothing that you’ve been eyeing up for weeks. It is also a great time to get ahead of the Christmas Present game!

Starting from top left:

All of these items are so lovely and I’ve genuinely worn them all on repeat! Got the inspiration for the skirt and the jumper from the outfit styled for the skirt. I thought it looked so cosy and stylish that I just had to indulge. I am loving ASOS at the moment. Especially for pyjamas. If you remember back to a couple weeks ago I posted a picture on instagram of my space pjs… well now I have a Christmassy pair to match!

My next shopping haul was to find myself a christmas jumper to wear on Christmas Jumper Day. Unfortunately, I was so late in finding one, that I didn’t actually find one! Went to Tesco to see if I could get one the day before, and they’d run out! I cut corners a bit and bought myself a lovely red jumper and a headband with a christmas tree on the top. My boss then handed me a belt from an elf costume and it just all came together!


Been loving all the style find recently, and my wardrobe is becoming very festive and wintery. My last style pick is for my work christmas party, which is being held tomorrow night! I had such a struggle trying to find this dress, it was very stressful. I got there in the end though! It is this gorgeous dress from River Island, and I can’t wait to wear it. It’s so comfy and very stylish. I love how different it is from the average LBD, and the colour is very wintery!


That’s all for now folks, I hope you enjoyed my little style haul. Let me know what you think of everything! Hopefully, tomorrow all goes to plan and the Christmas Party is fun. Will update you on that later though!

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