October in Review

It is now the 11th month of the year, November, and are getting ever closer to Christmas and the New Year. I can’t believe how quickly everything is going and how much my life has changed in the last month. There have been a lot of firsts, a lot of hardships, a lot of fun times and a lot of change.

At the beginning of October I was a bit lost. I had no faith in myself and didn’t think I was ever going to get a job, especially one that I knew I would enjoy. I was missing home, missing my family and my friends. I was living in a place where granted I’ve lived for 3 years, but loads of my friends have moved home/away and it made me feel a bit disjointed from the place. I was going to London a lot, having job interviews and generally trying to make sure I wasn’t completely bored out of my mind sitting at home. There was a good couple of days where all I did was sit and watch movies in the living room because I just didn’t have anything to do.

ALL THAT CHANGED THOUGH! I finaaally got a job, doing something I love and am excited about and I couldn’t be happier. I know its only been 2 weeks, but the fact that I am getting up (at a ridiculous time might I add) to travel to London to get to work for 9am without hating it or wishing that I didn’t have to go, is brilliant. Yes, the commute is a bit of a trek and I would happily do without it, but it’s manageable and I realistically only have to do this until next August. The trains aren’t that bad, granted every train I’ve got on in the last two weeks have been slightly late, nothing has gone terribly wrong and I always seem to make it to work on time. Everyone is so lovely, and  I am slowly getting the hang of things. In the job I’m in, there are so many acronyms, equations and ways of doing things that I genuinely can’t keep up but I’m slowly getting there. The people I work with are so patient, and to be honest, you have to be if you have to deal with me and my questions. Won the weekly bake off challenge as well, and on my second week – So chuffed about that!!! I’ve been working on some really exciting projects and I’m feeling very inspired by it all.

One of the biggest changes, after the whole getting a job thing, is dealing with not being able to spend time with Ryan and my friends – wherever and whenever I want. I was really struggling with only seeing Ryan in the morning when he takes me to the station and then for the brief 3-4 hours after I get home before I inevitably fall asleep ridiculously early. We’re slowly getting used to it and not being around each other as much, and working around our schedules so that we find time to spend together and it’s working! I’m hoping that by the time August comes about we’ll be living in London, in our own flat together and with more time in the morning and evening to spend together, rather than spending that much time squished on trains against complete strangers.

My work bathroom with my lovely purple lanyard! 

If you have been following my blog since I started writing it, you will know that I posted a blog post all about my Autumn Goals. I thought I’d update you on how well I managed to keep to these goals – hint, it didn’t go as well as I’d hoped. I definitely managed to complete Goal #2 as I have definitely found myself a job. Whats really bugged me throughout the month is how much I will put off doing things and come up with a million other things to do than to sit and read a book, or to take some time out of my day to do some yoga. It has been difficult and I haven’t really had much progress with these goals. I have read a bit more than usual, specifically German books. I am currently reading The Book Thief in German and absolutely loving it. It is such a great way to pass the time on the train, particularly in the mornings. I haven’t done as much Yoga as I have wanted too in the past month but I’m slowly getting there!

My next blog post will be all about my fave TV Shows at the moment. There are quite a few that I’m loving right now and it’s getting quite hard to keep up with them all if I’m honest, but nonetheless I’m really enjoying them!

Hope you have a great weekend, I know I will! Had such a nice lie-in this morning, was well deserved.

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