Happy Halloween! 🎃

Today is Halloween. A night to dress up, a night for frights, scary movies and lots and lots of sweets. I love Halloween and love the whole concept of dressing up and eating lots of sweets – as I’m sure everyone does! Thought I’d do a little blog post all about what I’ve been up too and in the Halloween spirit it’s all about, yes you guessed it – HALLOWEEN! 🎃

Growing up Halloween was never really a big thing – mainly because it wasn’t really celebrated in Germany. I remember one year going to my friends house and her mum cooked up a Halloween feast which included black spaghetti with bright green carbonara sauce, we then watched The Orphan and I kept my friend awake for the rest of the night because I was absolutely terrified. It also didn’t help that we were staying in her basement!

Every year I look forward to Halloween purely because I jump at any chance to dress up. I love it. Give me a theme night any day of the week and I will happily plan it out and be so extra. First year of Uni and I got these cool eyelashes from Claire’s. Half way through the evening and many compliments on them later, I realised they were glow in the dark! What a dream. Last year I dressed up as a fallen angel and had some awesome blue contact lenses that freaked everyone out. It was amazing. This year was a bit different. I’ve only just started my new job so planning outfit choices was the least of my worries – until I realised I had no plan and the countdown to Halloween drew closer. I panic bought a cute bat costume and honestly it was the best decision of my life. It was so comfy and just looked great! To top it all off I LOVE figuring out what to do with my hair and makeup. Pinterest was my best friend for a good couple days so that I could figure out how best to look like a bat for the Halloween Party. The day of and my friend Imogen and I were experimenting with different styles and I was having a blast.

< img src=”https://howlovellieblog.files.wordpress.com/2017/10/img_5833.jpg&#8221; height=”1330″ class=”wp-image-780″ width=”1334″><<
d the best time at this Halloween party and it was so cool to see what costumes other people had on! I mean check out my friend Izzie’s latex face wound!

On another Halloween related note – I think I might’ve mentioned that I unwittingly signed up for the Bake Off at work which happened to be today – i.e. Halloween. I thought how best to celebrate than by decorating my all time fave cupcakes (Pumpkin Spice) with different spooky decorations and icing. So last night after work I made 24 and iced them in bright green, orange and black icing. I then found these really cool cake toppers from Waitrose and began decorating them. I had SO much fun doing this, you don’t understand how much fun I had. It was weird haha. They turned out so well and I was so proud of them when I took them to work today. Not sure how well I did in the Bake Off but got so many lovely comments about them I don’t really mind if I win or not. Check them out!

lloween Movies!! Halloween isn’t the same without some classics. I used to be a massive Disney Channel fan and this have some classic Disney Halloween faves on this list but they are just fab and an absolute must around this time of year!

  1. Halloweentown (1998) – and all the sequels
  2. Casper (1995)
  3. Corpse Bride (2005)
  4. The Addams Family (1991)
  5. Sixth Sense (1999) <— BEST FILM EVER

*Disclaimer – this is just a lil summary of some films I like to watch around this time of year. It is in no particular order and there are probably a million other films but these are my 5 fave*<<
ending my Halloween watching Mindhunter on Netflix and trying not to freak myself out. I am terrible with scary films and avoid them like the plague, but I’m really enjoying this series! I’m also highly aware that it’s a tv show not a movie and it’s not actually scary but also I am the worlds biggest scaredy cat ever! <<
w are you spending your Halloween??

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