New Job Jitters

Almost finished my first week in the real world and boy let me tell you it’s been a rollercoaster. I absolutely love it. I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I would be on the first day, but everyone was lovely and so welcoming it was just fab. I’m still not 100% sure what I’m actually doing but this week has been pretty awesome. Spent some of the week translating search ads for a high profile client (into German that is) and the other bit of the week getting to grips with everything else that comes with working in PPC and Advertising.

Today, along with some of my team, I went to Microsoft offices near Paddington Station for a Bing Ads Bootcamp. First off let me say the building is awesome!! So much glass, cool seats and so colourful. I learnt so much. Everyday I learn something new and I am genuinely enjoying myself in this new adventure.

Some top tips to combat those new job jitters!

  • Don’t be scared – now I know this is probably a silly thing to say, but genuinely I can guarantee your first day will be 10x less scary than you think it will be. I was terrified in the lead up to my first day, to the point where I repeatedly burst into tears because I was so nervous. It’s normal, and honestly it will be a bit scary for the first couple hours but you can power through it!
  • Prepare yourself – make sure the night before your first day you have prepared everything. I made sure that I had my outfit picked out, my bag packed and I had the route to work planned out down to the minute. This definitely helped me as it made me a bit more calm that morning because I knew I didn’t have to worry about forgetting anything!
  • Ask questions – don’t be afraid to ask your colleagues about anything you need to know. No question is silly. In the last couple days I have asked SO many questions I’m sure they are sick of me by now, but I’m so glad I did. Not only did it help me figure things out in my head but it also got me talking to the people on my team, which leads me to my next point…
  • Make friends and be social – this is sooo important. Just having someone in the office that you can talk too, socialise with or even to eat lunch with, is such a valuable thing. On my first day I made sure that I was talking to people on my team, getting to know them and it really helped make my experience this week a lot nicer. On my first day I was even cornered into being a part of Bake Off and now have to make something Halloween-esque for the office! Help!!! Anyone have some interesting Halloween-y recipes that I could make?????????

It’s so nice to be back and I hope this has helped you, especially if you’re just about to go through this yourself! If not, I’m sure you can relate to those awful feelings of dread and anxiety that most people feel the week/day before you start a new job!

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