First Post!!

Finally built up the courage to create my own blog and write about all the things that I enjoy writing about such as goings on in my life, fashion, travel, food, and whatever comes to mind.
Here’s a little bit about me. My name is Ellie! I was born in the USA in a city called Summit in New Jersey. We moved to England, where my family is from, when I was about 16 weeks old and lived in a town called High Wycombe until I was 3. When I was 3 going on 4 we packed up all our stuff and moved across the water to Munich, Germany. We lived in a little town, between Ingolstadt and Munich, called Pfaffenhofen, for the next 14 years. I went to an International School and am a graduate of the International Baccalaureate Program. Then 3 years ago we packed up all our stuff and moved even further East to a beautiful city called Budapest. Fast forward a bit and I moved to Egham, United Kingdom to go to University. I’m now a Human Geography Graduate from Royal Holloway, University of London and currently unemployed!!
That’s a bit about me and my life so far. I’ll update you on things that are going on, thoughts and ramblings that I feel need to be written and talked about.

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